Open letter to Mr. President Donald Trump

Dear Mr. President Donald Trump

I can’t avoid having my attention drawn to the term – shithole countries. To me meaning living in a country with a lot a shitty life conditions and even a shitty moral.

The above mentioned, – if this is the definition for a country being a shithole country, well … how does a speech sounds like and even contain of valuable information, coming from such a country’s president.

Ghanaian President Akufo-Addo, did make a speech on Africa Beyond Aid – at the African Royal Society – December 2017.

Having this speech in mind – Dear Mr. President Donald Trump – maybe we as western countries and therefore also United State, should take a moment reconsidering who are the shithole countries, with an exploiting mentality and lacking Christian peoples moral standards.

To me, several western countries have blinded them self and indulged them self, with other countries valuable assets, without paying them a fair price, having in mind the value of these shipped commodities, when arriving in western countries.

Some businessmen might argue, “Well they are just bad in doing business”, but every experienced businessman, are also familiar with the term, bargaining power.

The presence of powerful buyers reduces the profit potential for poor countries. Powerful buyers are forcing down prices, leaving almost no room for a salary to the people, working in these poor countries. That is not doing business, but more likely being identified as exploiting peoples poor life conditions, while maintaining ones own luxurious life style – on the behalf on others weak life conditions.

Dear Mr. President Donald Trump, with al my respect for you and your country, I urged you to reconsider, – who are the shithole countries and what can we do to help them. Maybe working for mutual interest and sustaining development for everyone being involved in an international business deal!

Yours sincerely,
Marcus Vigilius Brendstrup
CEO for