Christiansborg Palace and how beautiful it looks at night time.

Christiansborg Castle

Photographer: Marcus Vigilius Brendstrup – April 2015

Christiansborg Palace

Christiansborg Palace in central Copenhagen, is the seat of the Danish Parliament, the Prime Minister’s Office and the Supreme Court. Also, several parts of the palace are used by the monarchy, including the Royal Reception Rooms, the Palace Chapel and the Royal Stables.

The palace is thus the house of Denmark’s three supreme powers: the executive power, the legislative power, and the judicial power. It is the only building in the world that houses all three of a country’s branches of government. Christiansborg Palace is owned by the Danish state.

Since the early fifteenth century, the various buildings have served as the base of the central administration; until 1794 as the principal residence of the Danish kings and after 1849 as the seat of parliament.

The palace today bears witness to three eras of Danish architecture, as the result of two serious fires. The first fire occurred in 1794 and the second in 1884. The main part of the current palace, finished in 1928, is in the historicist Neo-baroque style.

Now you know a little more about Christiansborg Palace and where the Danish Parliament has its working hours. And you also know how it looks, if you go for a nice walk at night time, in the center of Copenhagen in Denmark.

Your sincerely,

Marcus Vigilius Brendstrup


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