What can you expect from us ?

you can never feel safe with us

What can you expect from News and Reflections?

Well, it’s very simple !

If you are a public employee and abusing your power to oppress other people, violating the UN Human Right Declarations and Children’s Rights, then sooner or later, we will find you and wash you in public.

You can be the judge, a high profiled lawyer, a police officer, the president for a country, a priest or someone working in a public office.

To be very frankly about it, we do not give a shit about who you are, from the moment we realize you abuse your power as a public servant to oppress other people and misuse your power, then we will do what ever it takes to wash you in public.

So do you belong to the above type or kind of people, then you can never feel safe with us.

To everyone else, we wish you a wonderful weekend.

Yours Sincerely

The Laundry Manager