We have repeatedly been accused of only writing about serious topics and also being critical far beyond what is reasonable. But is that really true?

News and Reflections - Nice weekend

One could easily be tempted to ask, if non of us, are pleasant people that others can have fun with, after work?

Of course we are!

We have after work, just tattooed our secretary. As compensation she gets an extra week’s holiday. A vacation that we expect she spends most of the time to explain, to her large and strong girlfriend, that her colleagues just are cute little boys, without the least of maturity in their thinking and behaviour.

So we are actually some pretty nice people, who are enjoying themselves with writing critical articles. We also enjoy writing culture, art and film reviews.

If we are experiencing, while doing research for an article about the public sector, that one or several persons we research about, are deeply corrupt or criminal persons – well, then we give in a report to the police about the one person or several persons.

We do take our work seriously, but we also love to debate.

There will be no debate  tonight, as we prefer to wish you all a very good weekend.


Yours sincerely,

Marcus Vigilius Brendstrup